Synthetika is a queer collective born in Berlin from the frustration that safe parties are an exclusivity based on location. Our aim is to burst the Berlin techno bubble and spread the importance of harassment-free dancefloors worldwide. We started in our hometowns where we experienced a huge lack of empathy and diversity in the scene, which fueled us to take a step in the direction of change.

Our priority is to create safe spaces where consent is fundamental.

Synthetika parties are run by and for the community, where we are the protagonists of the night. Feel free to express yourself,
and use them as a space to learn and spread love.  

We don’t tolerate any type of phobias, racism, misogyny, sexual harassment, discrimination, and physical or mental abuse.

A safety team is always on-site for anyone who feels unsafe, uncomfortable, or unwell. We highly encourage you to ask
for help if experiencing or witnessing something not right.

We review and rewrite our manifesto constantly based on our observations and feedback from our participants.

There is always room for improvement and we are striving to learn, be better, and do more for the community.
Please let us know if you have any observations that we should take into account. 

contact us any time at synthetika.collective@gmail.com